If you are reading our story here right now, it means we have a lot in common. Because Jury Store is an organization that loves both art and entertainment and can perceive these two concepts both concretely and abstractly. We wanted to present you in our store all the works that we want to see in our daily lives, that we stop and examine when we see them, that make us smile or that attract our attention. Because we know that there are many people who think like us and love pop art. While creating this brand, we gave great importance to two and three points:
-Being original
-Only products we love
As a result of all this, we created Jury Store together with both our artists and craftsmen. Having our products in your home or office is what makes us happiest. That's why we love your opinions and even the photos you share with us after purchasing our products. Please share your opinions with us. If you think like us and are also an artist or designer with Jury style works, please contact us via e-mail. Maybe you too will join the Jury family and have the opportunity to promote your works. But no matter what, 'you are the Jury here.'